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Individual Counseling NYC

NYC Psychotherapy and counseling are synonymous terms to describe a professional relationship between a trained clinician and client. The initial task of the therapist and client is to jointly decide how best to address the client’s presenting problem(s), what avenues of exploration to take, interventions to be used, and to prioritize the urgency of issues.

We’ll develop a plan together to help you heal and grow.

It’s normal to face ups and downs throughout life. But when stress, unexpected changes, and feelings of loss or conflict leave you feeling ungrounded, individual therapy can help you recapture your sense of self.

The challenges that worry you do not have to be resolved on your own. I’ll work with you to create a real, practical plan – so you can find direction, relief, and peace. There is no judgement. — I will listen, understand, and help you plan real-life solutions to overcome your toughest internal struggles.

Specializing in treatment for:

Loss and Mourning


Job Loss

Ongoing Mental Issues


Traumatic Events

Self Esteem

Life Changes/Transition

Personalized Therapy Services NYC
Helping you discover the most effective methods on the path to mental well-being by having the opportunity to explore and understand your internal thinking processes and feelings, I will help you learn to use these insights to achieve the real life objectives you set for yourself. When appropriate, I teach mindfulness and behavior change strategies to promote psychological flexibility as well as overall well-being.

Each person comes to therapy with a unique set of challenges and goals. Psychotherapy offers the opportunity for an individual to understand and change patterns of behavior, feelings, and relationships that are getting in the way of your functioning. Good therapy can enable you to have richer, fuller and more meaningful life experiences.

Women’s Psychotherapy Services

Anywhere you turn, there’s some sort of expectation being placed on you. Be a good daughter, a doting wife, a patient mother… an empowered professional woman. There’s just so much pressure. And many times its invisible to others, but women feel it.Pressure to be feminine, polite, accommodating, and nurturing at all costs. And this pressure to be perfect starts early. And even when it’s not an overt pressure, subtle messages pushing for this idea of perfection can be found everywhere a little girl turns. But perfectionism doesn’t equal a happy life. In fact, perfectionism has been found to have many negative implications on a female’s mental health often leading to depression and anxiety.