Have you ever wondered whether you are living in the present or not? While some people are enjoying life for many of us we are just living in our minds. We exist in a dream-like state where we are not centered in our own being nor really connected to the world around us. Instead, what preoccupies our minds are past memories and worries.

The good news is we can be present and mindful by practicing mindfulness. There is a ton of research showing that mindfulness therapy NYC can help with depression, anxiety, chronic pain, and stress.

Explore these ways to learn about how to practice mindfulness

Eat Mindfully

It’s easy enough to reduce eating to a mere chew, bite or swallow. Who hasn’t eaten a plate of food without knowing what they are eating? Yet, eating is one of the most enjoyable experiences. So if you eat mindfully you can make eating a very fulfilling experience.

To achieve this breath before you eat, listen to your body, practice eating, and eat according to hunger. In other words, don’t attempt to do other things while eating. Simply focus on what you are doing at the moment. Plus if you don’t love it don’t eat it.

Observe Your Breathing

Did you know that a single breath in and out is meditation? Your breathing occurs rhythmically and naturally so if you pay attention it takes you out of your mind and into your body.

By observing your breathing, you’ll momentarily free yourself from your worries, churning thoughts, and fears, and remind yourself of who you are- your inner person and not your thoughts.

Live in the Moment

If you want to enjoy your present, delink it from past or future events. Since things unfold naturally you don’t have to worry about anything. Get rid of all insecurities and concentrate on what you are doing. Embrace the beauty and freshness of the moment.

In order to be aware of what’s happening in the present, you must love your job, your surroundings, and your life.

Avoid all those who try to ignore your presence. Start doing all things you ever dreamed of. Make a list of everything you love.

Accept Things the Way They Are

It’s normal to wish for better things. While no one is satisfied with their present conditions a mindful person does not judge. By accepting things as they are, we get peace of mind. Things are neither good nor bad; we create all the mental tags.

Every human is blessed with unique power so harness them with confidence and don’t try to modify your true personality. Spend time with people who accept you the way you are and have faith in you.

Connect With Your Senses

Your senses, taste, smell, touch, sight, and sound are very important when it comes to mindfulness. Once in a while, pause to soak up the beautiful aroma of the coffee, the salty ocean air, and the beauty of flowers in your neighborhood.

Notice how your clothing feels or the soft clean bedsheets against your skin in the morning. The sensation of water on your hands, and the grass under your feet among others.

Focus on love and attention you’ll be shocked how much joy and peace they can bring.

Label Your Emotions

How many times have you been going about activities only to realize that your anxiety is an 8/10 or you are completely stressed? We are so good at ignoring our feelings without even trying. Taking time to pause and labeling your emotions is one way you can learn about your feelings.

To overcome anxiety, I often pause once per hour. By doing this frequently you’ll start to understand the trends in your moods. When you do this regularly you’ll stay on top of your feelings.

Use the Power of Visualization

Whenever you are feeling stressed, down, or discouraged, close your eyes and visualize your goals. In a matter of seconds, you’ll be transported to an awesome place where you can feel all the things you’ve ever dreamt of. If you can spend quality time on this you’ll soon reap the benefits.

Practice Active Listening

Most of the time when others speak we are scratching our heads trying to think of how we are going to respond. Before the person is even halfway finished we tune out. Next time you are having a conversation with someone try active listening.

Listen with your ears, heart, and intuition, and put all your attention on the other person. By practicing mindful listening the quality of your conversation will dramatically change.

Concentrate and Focus

Concentration is the foundation of mindfulness practice. You can only practice mindfulness when your mind is calm. Think of it as unwavering attention on one thing. Do one thing deliberately, slowly, and bring the purpose of your action.

If you are reading emails just do that without jumping into Facebook. If you are eating dinner, just don’t check your phone or laptop. Every time your concentration disappears bring yourself back to the present.
While this doesn’t happen overnight with practice and commitment you’ll gain focus and enjoy the intoxicating benefits of mindfulness.

Get Lost in What You Love

We all have certain things we love- they connect us with our inner spirit and bring us fully alive. For you, it could be dancing, cooking, singing, writing, gardening, swimming and bushwalking.
Since we love doing these things it’s not uncommon to get lost in them. Incorporate more flow activities and see your happiness skyrocket.

Travel or Mix up Your Routine

There are several reasons we feel amazing during holidays. When you are in a new place you automatically become more mindful. This is because of the many sights, sounds, and smells that soak you up.
Your senses will take over while freeing you from your mind. But if you don’t have any travel plans, mix up your routine and you’ll get the same effect.

Take a different route, stop at a coffee shop, visit a new place or try something new like cooking a new recipe, paddle boarding, and writing calligraphy.

With everyone having their own struggles it’s upon you how you handle them. Start with these practical ways on how to practice mindfulness so you can enjoy a better healthier life. To learn more, be sure to visit https://wellnesspsychotherapistnyc.com/

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