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NYC Couples Counseling

Relationships can be difficult. But we’re not here to judge yours – we’re here to offer solutions to its problems. Whether you’re facing marriage, dating or family issues, a qualified NYC therapist can give you the rules on how to play well together.

No matter how hurt, angry or confused you are, we’ll give you a roadmap to a happy relationship, and show you examples of how it’s done successfully.

Typically, the first several sessions are used by the therapist to obtain information and better understand what is causing issues within the couple’s relationship. The therapist’s job is to use their training to help the couple make sense of these difficulties and create a clear-enough plan for how to resolve those symptoms. This can take several sessions, however, the couple should start to feel gradually understood by the therapist and should have some sense of what the therapy can accomplish.

During therapy, both individuals in the couple work with a therapist to uncover the underlying issues that are causing disharmony in the relationship like feelings of self-doubt, fears of failure, fears of fully utilizing one’s potential, and long-standing self-criticism.

My first priority is to understand from the inside out, your deeply felt needs, how they intersect with your partner’s wishes, to understand the grand, complex tapestry of your relatedness. This deep understanding helps me glimpse how you interact with each other. Depending on what you’re both going through, we’ll talk about what you both want to get out of therapy, we’ll set goals, discuss constructive arguing, practice improved communication, etc. We’ll also experiment with what style of therapy will work best for you, e.g. though my default manner is informal, direct, straightforward, and active. I give feedback and exercises for you to do between sessions, and when necessary, I’m gentle, open to your specific wishes, e.g. I’m proactive in asking for your thoughts and feelings about the unfolding therapy and if it’s helpful, we’ll talk about options for it to better meet your needs.

What is Couples Therapy?
Couples therapy is a type of psychotherapy in which a psychotherapist, with specific expertise in working with couples, helps two partners in a romantic relationship gain insight into underlying tensions, conflicts or frustrations in order to resolve problems and improve overall relationship satisfaction.

You and your partner should consider couples therapy if you are experiencing:

  • Repetitive arguments
  • Feelings of distance
  • A drop in warmth or affection
  • Difficulty having fun or being playful with each other
  • Trust issues
  • Infidelity/Emotional affairs
  • Persistent feelings of anger, resentment or dissatisfaction
  • Decreased interest in sexual intimacy
Are you experiencing arguments, distrust, criticism, infidelity, feeling isolated or alone, or a lack of sexual intimacy with your partner or significant other? We are here to help you and your partner address these issues and build a stronger relationship. Depending upon the needs of you and your partner, we will focus on values, communication, emotional intimacy, and increasing fun in relationships.
In addition to working with women individually, I specialize in working with women and their partners for premarital counseling and couples therapy focused on strengthening their relationship.